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Welcome to [community profile] ff_yuri. As a fun way to start, I thought I'd make a kink meme.


    The Fandoms:
  • Any Final Fantasy, from FFI to FFXIII, FFT, and, sure, we'll count Vagrant Story for this one.
  • Hell, if you can think of a f/f pairing from Final Fantasy Unlimited or Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, go for it.
  • Kingdom Hearts can come too!

    Other Rules:
  • Request (anonymously, if you wish) with desired pairing + a kink.
  • Bold the pairing on your request.
  • Responses can be made anonymously.
  • Request as well respond to keep the meme going!
  • More than one response to a kink == GOOD TIMES!
  • Not yuri or female oriented == [community profile] ff_yuri SADFACE.


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