Title: Space
Fandom/Pairing: Final Fantasy VII; Tifa/Aeris
Rating: ESRB Rating of M for Mature < scenes of a sexual nature >
Summary: When you're two of the three women in a group of men, it's parodoxically easy to find or make a space just for yourselves.
Notes: Thar be femslash in these waters! Also, kissing under sales racks.
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When you're two of the three women in a group of men, it's parodoxically easy to find or make a space just for yourselves. At least it is when you're in civilization (when you're out of it, all bets are off). The men are content to leave you alone whenever they can; your woman-ness is both intriguing and off-putting. It's easier for them to deny temptation and provide you with space you didn't even request. That's the fact that Tifa looks back on with a mixture of sorrow, chagrin, and humor.

Everything else? Barret's snores that carried through thin inn walls, Cid's midnight hacking coughs, Yuffie's restless, often troubled sleep? Those things, she doesn't miss.

But she does miss the ease with which she could pull Aeris into the ladies room of an Item store or point out to Yuffie how much Materia this particular shop carried while she dragged Aeris off to a forgotten corner. They kissed underneath a sale rack, once, with no one the wiser, ducked out from underneath it dusty and laughing, blushing, and Yuffie looked at them strangely but remained unaware.

She's thought of visiting those places again. Now that the world is safe, now that she can, but there are people who need her, so she doesn't. Instead, once the kids are asleep and she's sure Cloud won't be coming home this evening, she runs a hot bath, leans back, closes her eyes.

And remembers.

Aeris's mouth on her mouth. Aeris's hands in her hair. Their hands roving along each other in one of their rented beds. The way Aeris would tilt her head when she climaxed, her mouth falling open and her eyes drifting closed. The way Aeris liked to kiss the spot between her breasts while she let her hands wander up from Tifa's hips.

Tifa is discovering that there are plenty of ways to find a little alone time in her new-old life, raising Denzel and Marlene and taking care of Cloud. Plenty of excuses to indulge in the sweet memories.

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