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Name:final fantasy femslash
Location:United States of America
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Community description:final fantasy shoujou-ai/yuri fanfiction and fanart

Final Fantasy Yuri

[community profile] ff_yuri is a community for the discussion of female/female (or female/female/female!) pairings in the Final Fantasy series. Any Final Fantasy is fine. Bring your Final Fantasy IV femslash fanfiction, share links to really cute Aeris/Tifa fanart. Yeah, I'd kill for a Relm/Terra icon or a Lulu/Rikku friends-only banner. Seriously, it's all good!

Community Rules

RULE ONE: We're all fans here. Let's respect that and at least try to get along. Flaming, trolling, and other wanky behaviors are not acceptable and unwelcome.

RULE TWO: Shoujo-ai and yuri only, please! Het and yaoi are cool, but I'd appreciate it if the posts to this community are all femslash-related or female-oriented.

RULE THREE: Do not spam the community. If you have a lot to say, please leave it all in one entry and use a cut-tag. Please no more than two posts back-to-back unless you have been taken over by an alien space virus and can't help it. Lastly, please don't advertise non-Final Fantasy or non-femslash anything.

RULE FOUR: Adult content goes behind a cut-tag, with an adequate rating and warnings for things that might make others uncomfortable, like noncon and spleens getting ripped out.

RULE FIVE: Do not, do not, do NOT disable, freeze, screen, or delete comments (and that includes your own unless you're deleting & reposting to fix a minor spelling error or HTML fail). Do not delete your own posts or edit them to remove or alter the original text (beyond fixing a typo or fixing broken code). If you believe something needs to be taken down, contact the moderator.

Other Relevant Communities

[community profile] ffvii_yuri - Community dedicated to yuri in Final Fantasy VII
[community profile] kh_yuri - For yuri in Kingdom Hearts
[community profile] girlgay - For femslash in general.

Interests (41):

aeris/tifa, aeris/yuffie, aeris/yuffie/tifa, ashe/penelo, fang/vanille, femmeslash, femslash, final fantasy, final fantasy i, final fantasy ii, final fantasy iii, final fantasy iv, final fantasy ix, final fantasy v, final fantasy vi, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, final fantasy x, final fantasy xii, final fantasy xiii, fran/penelo, fren/ashe, garnet/beatrix, lulu/rikku, lulu/yuna, lulu/yuna/rikku, quistis/rinoa, quistis/rinoa/selphie, quistis/selphie, relm/celes, rikku/paine, rikku/yuna, rosa/rydia, selphie/rinoa, shoujou ai, tifa/yuffie, yuffie/shalua, yuna/paine, yuna/rikku, yuna/rikku/paine, yuri
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